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Seal The Deal,Anytime, Anywhere!

Frisco on the go Notary Service has proudly served residents and businesses in Frisco and surrounding Collin County communities since 2005 and is open 24/7!  We are professional, thorough and offer affordable notary and professional business services.


About Us

Rooted in a shared vision of community and convenience, Frisco on the go Notary Service began from humble beginnings around a family dinner table. In 2005, recognizing the absence of mobile notary and business services in our beloved small town of Frisco and surrounding areas, we embarked on a journey to fill this need with expertise, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. What started as a simple concept has since blossomed into a thriving enterprise, driven by our unwavering passion for delivering unparalleled service to each and every customer.  Our motivation is to redefine the landscape of the notary business one satisfied customer at a time.  Our expansion into counties surrounding Collin and Denton County, coupled with our diversification of niche business offerings, is a testament to our pursuit of innovation and customer satisfaction. With each interaction, we strive to exceed customer expectations, ensuring that every document signed builds a business relationship, a memorable customer experience and bears the hallmark of reliability, professionalism, and integrity synonymous with Frisco on the go Notary Service. 

Within the vibrant City of Frisco, and surrounding communities, our team of professionals at Frisco on the go Notary Service are dedicated to providing unparalleled convenience, expertise and professionalism, to each customer every time. Our experienced and professional notaries, including a licensed attorney, are the backbone of what we do and the service we provide, ensuring every interaction with customers is professional, timely and a great experience.  We specialize in a comprehensive line of notary and business services tailored to meet the diverse needs of both individuals and businesses in communities across Collin, Denton and surrounding areas. We offer quick and efficient Mobile Notary Services that alleviate the burden of travel, Apostille Certification services renowned for quick and efficient turnaround times, Loan Closings, I-9 Employment Verifications, Document Preparation, Will Signing Services, Signature Witness Service and other professional business services.  Welcome!  We are glad you stopped by.

Our Services

Why Choose Us

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